A Destiny Reading Party can be a life changing event for many who are looking to find their purpose in life.

You can hold a destiny reading party with your friends, work colleagues or family in the comfort of your home or as a group Zoom meeting.

How To Change Your Life – Find Your Personal Destiny

Have you ever had an inner sense about the meaning of destiny? Have you ever asked yourself,

  • “What is my purpose in life?” or
  • “What is the meaning of destiny?”
  • “What you have to offer the world?”
  • Why do you even exist in the first place?”

If so, you’re not alone. Most people are confused about their place and purpose in the world. They conclude that life just doesn’t make sense.

The answer doesn’t have to remain a mystery any longer.

You were designed on purpose with a purpose and a destiny, you came pre-programmed with all the gifts, talents, aptitudes and abilities necessary to engage your life’s purpose.

A destiny reading can unlock your destiny, reset your circumstances and create purpose in your life.

When you are living out your purpose in life, and you are aligned with your destiny,

your life is.

  • joyful,
  • stable,
  • delightful,
  • exciting,
  • significant,
  • and fulfilling.

Your Destiny Reading Party

Your Destiny reading party whether it be in your home or online as a Zoom meeting, it is with a team of qualified Destiny Readers who will reveal and record a prophetic reading for each person who attends and it includes a discussion on an interpretation of your prophetic reading and how to apply it your life.

Our Destiny Reading Parties are by appointment only and if you would like to hold a destiny reading party, please fill out the form and we will discuss your requirements and make a time suitable for you.