Motivational Gifts Objective Questionnaire

To help you discover your functional gift or gifts that God the Father has given you, we have
provided the Motivational Gifts Objective Questionnaire, an extract from the book ©Discover Your
God-Given Gifts written by Don & Katie Fortune. This is used with their permission. You will find
it on the following pages. This will help you to identify your primary and secondary motivational
gifts. Please take the time to answer the Questionnaire, and fill in your Score Sheets. You will
need to allow a further 60-90 minutes to complete the Questionnaire. Please allow yourself enough
time to complete this before we meet again. The whole purpose of this session is to help you
clearly identify your God-given gifts and then assist you in understanding how you can best use
the gifts God has given you

(This Objective Questionnaire from “Discover your God-Given Gifts” is used by permission
from the authors, Don and Katie Fortune of Heart 2 Heart International Ministries, to
which a royalty per unit is paid. The Questionnaire is copyrighted and may not be copied or
reproduced in any way without specific arrangement with the authors. For a complete list of
all the related books, materials, tapes and DVD’s on the Romans 12 gifts, go to their web
site: or contact them at P.O. Box 101, Kingston Washington 98346 or call
them at (877) 443-8778).