Does your congregation struggle to explain Christianity?

After AlphaMost Christians have difficulty explaining Christianity to a non-believer, particularly to someone who comes from an unchurched background.

Like myself, as a pre Christian, most non-believers have a distorted view of God. Most non-believers cannot come to terms that a so-called loving God would allow so many atrocities happen on earth.

It wasn’t until I understood the two Kingdom principle, the Kingdom of Light and the opposing Kingdom of darkness and how they influence mankind that Christianity made sense.

With this in mind, we have created an online video that your church member can show their non-believing friends.

We have made it easy for you

Behind the Scenes

This simple yet graphic 18 minute video exposes the invisible forces that are at work behind the scenes in our society today.

It’s easy to follow and explains what we see in the natural is heavily influenced by invisible spiritual forces represented by two opposing spiritual Kingdoms, one good and one evil and both are influencing the physical world we live in.

Check it out, you will find it to be one of the most relevant and impacting evangelism tools available today. It is freely available on this link

In His Service
Carl John Fechner