DISC Personality Profiling System

The DISC Personality Profiling System is a simple yet powerful and profoundly simple self assessment tool to help you understand yourself and others.

Behavioural patterns

The DISC Personality Profiling System will provide you with a simple plan to help you understand self and others at home or in your workplace.

Human behavior can be a mystery. At home and in the workplace, behavior and personality styles can easily be misunderstood and become areas of stress affecting your happiness and job performance.

 “Know Thyself”

The DISC Personality Profiling System is not a test. You cannot pass or fail. There isn’t a best pattern. Research supports the conclusion that the most effective people are those who know themselves.

It is your guide to self-awareness. It will give you insight into your personality strengths, limitations and communication preferences, as well as insight into communicating with other DISC personality type.

Create a successful work and home environment.

The DISC Personality Profiling System enables you to:

  • Unlock the key to better relationships.
  •  Identify and minimize potential conflicts with others.
  • Identify your work behavioral style.
  • Help you create the motivational environment most conducive to your success.
  • Increase your appreciation of different work styles.
  • Assist in conflict resolution.



$19.95 AUD

How it works

1 – On page 2 follow the instructions and tick ONE Most and ONE Least
Please Note, you must choose only word
2 – NEXT, add up

✓ the MOST
✓ the LEAST
✓ then plus or minus the totals

3 – Now mark the scores onto the graphs on page 5 In the manual page 3,4 have the complete instructions
After completing the graph, you will scroll though pages 14-19 and you will find the Results of graph 2 Instinctive response to pressure – middle graph and that is what best describes you under pressure— or what I term as the “real you”

Enjoy the journey as you discover your dominant Personality style