Personality Profiling

DISC Personality Profiling System

The DISC Personality Profiling System is a simple yet powerful and profoundly simple self assessment tool to help you understand yourself and others.

Behavioural patterns

The DISC Personality Profiling System will provide you with a simple plan to help you understand self and others at home or in your workplace.

Human behavior can be a mystery. At home and in the workplace, behavior and personality styles can easily be misunderstood and become areas of stress affecting your happiness and job performance.

¬†“Know Thyself”

The DISC Personality Profiling System is not a test. You cannot pass or fail. There isn’t a best pattern. Research supports the conclusion that the most effective people are those who know themselves.

It is your guide to self-awareness. It will give you insight into your personality strengths, limitations and communication preferences, as well as insight into communicating with other DISC personality type.

Create a successful work and home environment.

The DISC Personality Profiling System enables you to:

  • Unlock the key to better relationships.
  • ¬†Identify and minimize potential conflicts with others.
  • Identify your work behavioral style.
  • Help you create the motivational environment most conducive to your success.
  • Increase your appreciation of different work styles.
  • Assist in conflict resolution.