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Carl received a Prophetic Business Analysis from the Destiny Strategies Team and was blown away! Hear his testimony and recommendation for any business person to receive a Prophetic Business Analysis.

Ps Tim & Ps Beth are the head pastors at Ever Upward Apostolic Centre. Under the mentoring of Lorellee and Phil from Destiny Strategies Ps Beth regularly runs Prophetic Activation Schools and hosts numerous prophetic seminars. Watch as both Ps Tim & Beth share about the impact the prophetic has had not only on their church but throughout their entire city.

Hear Bruce Wadd share his experience after attending a Prophetic Business Seminar and participating in Prophetic Activations.

Watch Ps May describe how her leaders and congregation at C3, Thirroul, have benefited from partnering with Destiny Strategies in an annual capacity.

Ps Glen Wysman is Phil and Lorellee’s Senior Pastor as well as Senior Pastor of The Link Church, Sydney. Ps Glen is also the Current ACC Leader, Sydney North East Region. Hear him give his endorsement for Destiny Strategies and how working with Phil and Lorellee will add value to your local church in the area of prophetic ministry.

I was introduced to Destiny strategies by a friend just when my business was going through a long barren patch. When I first met Phil and his team, I had an idea of what to expect but did not know how it was going to pan out. In the first meeting the team prophesied and spoke over my business. They were spot on with their insight and I could feel in my spirit that what they were prophesying was accurate and very much of God. This was remarkable as it was the first time they met me and where unaware of my business situation.

On our second meeting they particularly highlighted a spiritual blockage that was operating over my business. As soon as I dealt with that, miraculously clients started contacting me again. My counselling business is now going from strength to strength.

Many thanks to Destiny strategies for their spiritual and practical insight. This ministry is vitally important and greatly needed in Christian businesses everywhere.

John Helvadjian
Counsellor/Psychotherapist at Counselling aid.

I was a bit sceptical and frankly ignorant on the prophetic, so I was blown away when I attended my first prophetic activation school. I had never thought to think that this was another way that God could communicate with us, encourage us, guide us and give us insight within our daily lives.

Destiny Strategies for businesses. Business owners need the insight that only God can give them so that they can run successful & fruitful businesses. Destiny Strategies for business will give you confidence and direction. It is a great way to make sure Jesus is partnering with you in your business. It has already been of great benefit to me as I grapple with some life changing decisions for my business. The level of accuracy of some of the prophecies has made a critical difference in my decision making, ultimately leading to a better outcome than otherwise would have been achieved.

“I highly commend Destiny Strategies to everyone, and for business owners getting involved in Destiny Strategies for business should be a must. You’d be mad not to.”

Alex Cook
Financial Planner

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